All-in-One Platform

Intelligent Automation is the Key to Success!

  • Analyze all your data at any time.
  • Deliver customer products faster than ever.
  • Spend fewer chargeable hours.
  • Increase your B2B or B2C or B2B2C customers!

How does automatapp help you grow?

Act Faster in the Digital World

Save time

We can automate things to get where we want to go faster, or we can set up processes with one click for our most common actions.

Improved productivity

By reducing annoying low value work, time is freed up for substantial work.

Increased accuracy

Increase customer satisfaction! While people are prone to mistakes, automation is very accurate.


Customize your workflow.

Manage any process and be ready to address any challenge with total ease.

Easy integration, fast growth.

Connect with sales channels and take off your business!

Improve subscriber customers.

Analyze customers by region, discounts and more and put a plan in place to improve customers retention.

App e-shop. A complete eCommerce platform You are ready for the best shopping experience of your customers?

One platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business.

Design Responsive Multi-Purpose

Deliver the best user experience on eCommerce: seamless navigation, speed, one-click payment, notifications.

One-Stop-Shop eCommerce Platform

Manage your Automatapp, Android & iOS apps from a unique back-office & benefit from complete eCommerce features.

You are safe

We manage the technical part in Google Cloud Platform. We adapt to the logic of your business!

Connection with

Packaging App, Road Management App, Driver App, Loyalty APP, ERP, smart system printing stickers per product.

Intelligent order printing

Printing orders by route / time / postal code.

Receipt and tip to the distributor without contact

Ability to select receipt without contact and tip to the distributor by creating an e-wallet Online.

Advanced APP Optimization and Management of Routing System

Communicate with flexible tools that go where your business goes.

Assigning a itinerary to a driver/vehicle, automatic creation of optimal distributions, mass management of points of interest, real time route changes, monitoring delivery status, central multi-point starting point management, mobile driver application, possibility of real-time retrofitting, creating an e-wallet/guide.

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Driver App. Deliver customers’ products faster than ever before.

Optimizing your delivery routes empower your drivers to significantly complete more tasks in less time while boosting customer satisfaction.

App Packaging

Fast e-commerce deliveries require the adoption of packaging optimization, automation, smart packaging solutions and new facilities to ensure an excellent customer experience.

The Loyalty APP is everything to your Brand

Design the rules with the Smart Apps credits. Cultivate Customer Champions Do what it takes to engender brand love. Make them the heroes of your story. Inspire them to share the wonders of your product / service.

Integrations with

  • Sap Business One
  • VivaWallet
  • Metrilo
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics

How To Use Automatapp

UseCases of how to use Automatapp.


Advance your small / medium business to the next level, with affordable cloud-based software infrastructure in the secure global data centers (Google Cloud Platform). Make the Transition from B2B to B2C. Spend more time on innovation - and less on IT. Automatapp is an affordable solution that helps unify and streamline your basic processes.

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The Team Behind Aytomatapp

We are a team of IT engineers with experience 12 years in B2B and B2C & B2B2C. We plan on the real market “that the fast that passes the slow”.

We create with you a key gear for your business that ensures that the other gears will move on time and without delay. It ensures that they will perform their movement at the lowest possible cost but also with their maximum possible efficiency. Records all movements and analyzes them in order to continuously improve their flow. It manages all the information so that the whole mechanism works like a very well tuned clock.

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